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Office Visitor Sign-in and Declaration Form | Microsoft Forms Template

Microsoft 365 1 min read , August 28, 2021
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Use the free Microsoft Forms Template to deploy an Office Visitor Sign-in and Declaration Form in your organisation.

As businesses return to regular operations (at least in some Aussie states 😊), COVID-19 concerns continue to loom large. The transition to the new norm is ongoing but trending in the right direction. It’s enough that some businesses have begun to welcome visitors back into their facilities. For these companies, the safety of their employees, facilities, and visitors' rests atop digital visitor management system taking in COVID-19 considerations and local health regulations.

How to use the Microsoft Forms Template?

Companies can use this form for their visitor sign-in and collect extra information from whoever is entering the workplace, and keep that info stored in the visitor log (preferably in SharePoint Online). Ask them if they have experienced a fever, or have travelled recently to a high-risk area, and store that information in your visitor log. You can also add any other questions as required to these visitors form and make sure they fill them in every time, they visit the office.

If your local state mandates the use of QR code check-in system to support their contact tracing efforts, we recommend using this Microsoft Form to create your own visitor log alongside the QR code.

Office visitor sign-in and declaration form | Microsoft Forms template
Office Visitor Sign-in and Declaration Form

Create a free Office Visitor Sign-in and Declaration Form in minutes with our form templates.

Access the free Microsoft Forms template here and create a copy in your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Please book in your free Microsoft 365 consultation call with us if you want us to create a fully customised and secure visitor manager system based on your business requirements and other local COVID-19 regulations.

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