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Jag Kakarlapudi

What are your struggles with Modern Workplace Software Tools such as Microsoft Office 365 & Google G Suite?

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Tell us about your struggles with Modern Workplace Tools such as Office 365 and Google G Suite.

The need for Modern Workplace Software Tools within organisations of all sizes is quite evident as users are getting more tech savvy and need the right tools to be productivity. But many organisations are struggling to provide the right modern workplace tools. Please tell me what are your current struggles with using Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite tools in your business. 

The survey is conducted independently and is not sponsored by any organisation. All responses will be kept private and individual responses are not shared with anyone. You can choose to take this survey anonymously. 

Who should take this struggles with Modern Workplace tools survey?

I highly encourage anyone with the following job roles to take this quick survey (with just 5 questions) and help me assess the current issues with using Modern Workplace Software Tools.  

  • IT Managers
  • CxO such as CIO, CFO
  • Intranet Managers and Administrators
  • Business Users
  • Consultants

The survey will be active until the end of October. In November, I will collate the responses and share my thoughts on this blog. 

Go ahead, please take the survey.

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