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Jag Kakarlapudi

Stories of Modern Work Podcast is now available on all major podcasting Apps!

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I am glad to announce that the recently launched 'Stories of Modern Work' Podcast is now available on all major podcasting apps. Listening to podcasts is one of my favorite time pass activities along with reading, watching cricket and movies! I listen to podcasts in train, in car and also it is part of my bedtime routine! I need to work on removing tech from by bedtime routine but it is very hard slog to undo this habit. Anyway, back on the topic.

Stories of Modern Work podcast is now available on the major podcasting apps. Click on the images below to start listening to the podcast on favorite podcast app.

If you do not use the major podcasting apps, the Stories of Modern Work podcast is also available on the following platforms.

I listen to lot of podcasts in the technology and business space and inspired by Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income & Ask Pat Podcasts), Jacques Hopkins (The Online Course Guy Podcast), The Intrazone Podcast among many others and wanted to have my own podcast on the Apple podcasts. With the launch of Stories of Modern Work podcast, I can proudly say that I have achieved one of my goals for 2019. Now I need to consistently post new episodes and make sure that it reaches a wider audience. Please spread the word by sharing this blog post on your social channels. Thank You. 🙏🏼

The idea behind the 'Stories of Modern Work' Podcast came about when few of my clients and colleagues have asked me how other users and companies use Office 365 to achieve their digital transformation initiatives. The reasoning behind this question is Office 365 has many applications and services and people struggle to understand where to start or how to use them properly in the first place. In the Stories of Modern Work Podcast, I interview Office 365 users, IT professionals and developers to understand how they use Office 365 in their organisations or at their clients. I also plan to release solo episodes where I feature a published Office 365 case study and discuss the key learnings. More about the solo episodes later.

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- Jag Kakarlapudi

PS: If you want to come on the podcast and share your thoughts and experiences on how to use Microsoft Office 365 as a Modern Workplace tool, please fill in the short form below and I will get in touch with you to organise best time suitable for both of us.