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Jag Kakarlapudi

Dear Modern Workers,

Company Update 4 min read

I want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to the world properly. Modern Work Group has been in business since March this year (2019) but I never really took time to introduce us.


Modern Work Group is founded by me, Jag Kakarlapudi based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been working as a SharePoint Consultant, Solution Architect, and Team Lead since 2005. My foray into the amazing world of SharePoint started as a graduate consultant in Canberra, ACT. This post is not about me! It is about my company Modern Work! If you want to know more about me though, I highly recommend you connecting with me on LinkedIn here.

So, tell me more about Modern Work!

Modern Work Group is an IT startup specialising in delivering affordable Office 365 training, consulting services and packaged business solutions to enable businesses to use Office 365 platform to the fullest.

I will explain the packaged business solutions part bit later. It is very interesting.

In my experience delivering consulting services to companies of various sizes, I have concluded that businesses are not using their Office 365 subscriptions to the fullest. This would be due to many factors such as:

  • Lack of proper understanding of Office 365 capabilities. Have you heard the phrase, "Don't know what you don't know!"
  • Confused with how and when to use Office 365 applications. "What to use when" - a common phrase used in the Office 365 community.
  • Lack of support from IT - Advent of "Shadow IT"
  • Office 365 engagements are too expensive and prone to failure
  • Administrators and business users lacking the required skills
  • Office 365 is too hard. Or sometimes it is too easy depending on who you ask.

With all this knowledge, I set out to provide affordable and well planned Office 365 training and consulting services to Australian businesses dealing with the above issues.

The main objective for Modern Work Group is to enable you to use Office 365 to the fullest as a Modern Workplace platform.

Do now see where the name 'Modern Work' came from?

Why did it take 9 months since the inception to share the introductory post?

Well partly because I am confused with my messaging and services. Hear me out. When I set out to go on my own and start an IT services company. I wanted to conquer the world by trying to provide both online and offline services such as online learning courses, online community, training courses, consulting services big and small etc. Over the course, I found out that trying to do everything and be everywhere is affecting my main objective. During these 9 months, I have listened to my client feedback and decided to drop the online learning services.

What's changing going forward?

Here are the three main changes we will be making going forward.

  1. No more online learning courses or communities
  2. Keeping the messaging simple and clear
  3. Transparent and affordable pricing with fixed price packages

Keeping it simple and focused

We have revamped our website completely. The new website is inspired by the Microsoft Fluent design. Now it is very clean, simple and straight to the point. With the new website, comes new marketing initiatives. Going forward all our learning videos will be FREE. We are currently working on shooting short learning videos keeping them to the point and interesting. We are even borrowing presentation ideas from Apple Support YouTube channel to keep Office 365 learning videos short and sweet!

To ensure we deliver our projects, learning content on time and stay focused, we have decided to disable comments on this blog and the YouTube channel. If you want to reach us going forward, you can either use the Live Chat feature on the Modern Work website or engage with us on LinkedIn.

Transparent and affordable pricing

Office 365 engagements can be expensive and get out of hand quite quickly. At Modern Work, all our services are packaged and offered with transparent fixed price. We ensure the pricing model and services are affordable to businesses of all sizes. Each packaged offering be it training, solutions or consulting comes with a detailed list of specifications and precisely timed deliverables. Check back the website, as we will be releasing more details on the packaged offerings in the coming months. In the meantime, you can always book a free consultation call to know more about our services and how we can deliver them to you.

You promised to talk about packaged Office 365 Business Solutions!

Here comes the interesting bit. At Modern Work, we have designed and built commonly asked Modern Workplace use cases into affordable packaged business solutions using Office 365 out of the box features with some low-code/no-code magic! These use cases are quite commonly requested by Small and Medium Businesses (SMB). If you have Office 365 deployed in your business and looking to automate some of your manual business processes or use cases, we highly recommend to check out our packaged business solutions. As the packaged business solutions are built using Office 365 out of the box features, they are fully compatible with all future Microsoft Office 365 updates and you don't need to pay any extra ongoing per-user subscription licenses. Each business solution comes with detailed design, build and deployment documentation. We will deploy them for you in your Office 365 tenant. All business solutions come with a 30-day warranty for bug fixes. You can even buy extended support for any feature upgrades.

Check out our main website here, if you want to engage us for your Office 365 projects or order our training packages, consulting services or business solutions.

Looking forward to enabling your business to fully utilise the power of the Office 365 platform and transform into a Modern Workplace.

Thank You,

Jag Kakarlapudi

PS: If you want to leave your feedback or questions related to this blog post, you can get in touch with us on the Live Chat.